Two-Wheel Treasures: Best Used Motorcycles to Buy This Year

Two-Wheel Treasures: Best Used Motorcycles to Buy This Year
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Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just starting out on two wheels, the market for used motorcycles offers an exciting range of options. Finding a reliable and stylish ride that won’t break the bank can be a thrilling quest. In this guide, we’ll rev up your knowledge on some of the best used motorcycles to buy this year, taking into account factors such as value retention, maintenance costs, and the sheer joy of riding. Get ready to gear up and hit the open road with a two-wheeled companion that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Used Motorcycle

Reliability: The Importance of a Trustworthy Ride

When it comes to used motorcycles, reliability is vital. It is the assurance that your bike will start each morning, perform consistently, and safely carry you through your journeys. Consider factors like service history, mileage, and brand reputation. Check online forums and reviews for common issues with the models you are interested in. A reliable motorcycle means fewer unexpected repairs, a safer ride, and greater peace of mind.

Performance: Seeking Thrills without the Spills

Performance isn’t just about speed—it’s about how the motorcycle handles, brakes, and accelerates, ensuring a smooth and controlled riding experience. A test ride can reveal a lot about the suspension, throttle response, and braking efficiency. Look for a bike that balances power with agility, and that suits your riding style and the type of roads you’ll frequent.

Price and Value: Making Every Dollar Count

In determining a used motorcycle’s value, consider factors such as its current condition, age, model, and market demand. Research the make and model to understand depreciation rates and compare listings to get a sense of the going rate. Always perform a thorough inspection or have a trusted mechanic evaluate the bike, as repair costs can quickly escalate. The sweet spot is finding a motorcycle that aligns with your budget and won’t incur high future expenses.

Customization Potential: Crafting Your Dream Bike

Customization and personalization are part of the joy of motorcycle ownership. Used bikes offer the perfect canvas for riders to express their style and preferences. Check for a model that allows for easy modifications—whether it’s upgrading the exhaust system, altering the seat, or changing the paint job. However, be mindful of the bike’s integrity, as excessive modifications can affect performance and resale value. Look for motorcycles that are both a reflection of your identity and a smart investment.

Top Picks for 2024

The Swift Cruiser 750

The Swift Cruiser 750 strikes a perfect balance between a classic design and modern technology. It is renowned for its robust V-twin engine that delivers hearty low-end torque and an unmistakable rumble that riders love. The motorcycle boasts a comfortable riding posture, making long journeys a breeze, and features anti-lock braking systems (ABS) for an added layer of safety. A unique characteristic is its fuel efficiency, which is top-notch in its class, offering riders the joy of open roads without frequent stops at the gas station.

The Raptor Streetfighter 600

What makes the Raptor Streetfighter 600 stand out is its aggressive styling and street-smart agility. The motorcycle’s compact dimensions and light weight make it an urban warrior, ideal for enthusiasts who crave a bike that’s as quick in traffic as it is on the open road. The Streetfighter’s inline-four engine screams with power while delivering smooth acceleration. Its appeal lies in the bike’s raw, unfiltered connection to the rider, offering an exhilarating experience that’s hard to match.

The Tour Master 1200

The Tour Master 1200 distinguishes itself with its unmatched touring capabilities and comfort. It provides a value proposition centered around its long-range proficiency, featuring spacious saddlebags and an adjustable windscreen for rider comfort on long hauls. The motorcycle comes with refined suspension settings for a plush ride, and with its stellar reputation for reliability, it holds its value exceptionally well—giving riders confidence in their investment.

The Retro Racer 900

The Retro Racer 900 is all about blending vintage charm with modern-day performance. It offers riders the distinctive attributes of a cafe racer, such as a crouched riding position and a minimalist design, coupled with cutting-edge engine performance and contemporary safety features. The bike’s structure allows easy customization, from bar-end mirrors to custom exhausts, coaxing out the mechanic in every enthusiast. It’s the go-to motorcycle for riders who want a machine with character and endless potential for personalization.


The quest for the ideal used motorcycle requires a careful balance of reliability, performance, price, and customization potential. Throughout this guide, we’ve highlighted models that excel in these categories, such as the dependable and fuel-efficient Swift Cruiser 750, the nimble and powerful Raptor Streetfighter 600, the long-haul specialist Tour Master 1200, and the charmingly customizable Retro Racer 900. These bikes are not just modes of transportation; they are potential partners in adventure, offering individuality and freedom on the open road.We encourage enthusiasts to see the value in the pre-loved bike market, embarking on a journey to find not just a vehicle, but a Two-Wheel Treasure of their own. The road awaits, with the promise of thrills, new friendships, and the wind in your face. Discover your perfect match and join the vibrant community of riders who share the same passion for riding and adventure.


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